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The Logical Solution For Your Business
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POS and Cash Management Controls

Logic Tools was designed from the ground up as a complete state-of-the-art Point of Sale(POS) system. Point of sale workstations can be physically located anywhere within the organization. The Logic Tools POS process was designed to speed customers through the check-out process while reducing the most common errors. Fewer mistakes equals better customer relationships, less management oversight, lower aggravation levels throughout the staff, and considerably less overtime to ensure accurate record keeping during the prime selling season. Less overtime equals a higher net profit!

Logic Tools is configurable as to what is allowed by each staff member and/or workstation. Every transaction records the user and the date and time it took place.

There is no complex, time consuming  end-of-day routine to complete as the design is totally dynamic in nature, however It does provide a complete end-of-day audit trail much like any other well designed point of sale system but it can be processed as time permits, even retroactively.

Our approach fully details credit card processing and provides balancing points, business and personal check receipts, and cash balancing from the tills.

Logic Tools was designed to process and account for over-the-counter sales, via cash, credit cards, bank checks and coupons. Additionally, deposits on advance sales can be accommodated as well as payments on account, complete with appropriate receipts. The end-of-day reporting takes all of the various types of transactions into account and records them appropriately within the system.

There are several built in safeguards and the entire process adheres to generally accepted accounting principles.

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Repetitive Maintenance Billing

Repetitive billing is ideal for lawn maintenance or any other type of repetitive billing where the same basic descriptive text and invoice amount is billed over and over. At the pre-determined time interval, a series of invoices can be generated by running a single routine. A great time saver during the peak selling season.

Orders can be entered once and then identified as a "Recurring Order". The user can then specify an ending date and/or the number of times an order is to be billed. These recurring orders are generally setup once per season, or calendar year, and remain in effect for the specified duration.
During the repetitive billing process the user is allowed to process a credit card and mark the invoice as fully paid.


Design Build Quotations & Work Orders

Logic Tools provides for the  preparation and management of design/build proposals. From inception through to final acceptance by the customer, including processing deposits and conversion from a quotation to a scheduled job.

Logic Tools provides for building the initial proposal in logical steps, or job elements, such the Front Entranceway, the Patio, the West Side Play Area, etc. These logical job element groups provide the potential client with a logical, easy to understand proposal which in turn makes the sales process easier and faster to complete.

Proposals, or job quotations can be printed with, or without, legal language defining the job and the terms of payment. And with or without an electronic signature of the preparer.

In addition to the very polished customer oriented proposal, Logic Tools can generate specialized work sheets showing costs, margins and profit levels prior to finalization. For the work crew there are specialized work sheets with notes and job site instructions.

Quotations can be printed, faxed, or transmitted as a PDF document attached to an e-mail. When the proposal is accepted as a job, deposits can be taken against it and used as payment as the job progresses through completion.

Multi-Location Capable

Logic Tools was designed to support a multi-location operation. Those locations can be selling locations, growing locations, warehousing locations or any combination thereof.
The user is responsible for providing the appropriate communication capabilities required of multi-location operation. Once the communication infrastructure is in place and the growing, storing and selling locations are defined the remainder of the features required are activated automatically. This includes a comprehensive inventory transfer system to manage  both the needs and movement of materials in a bi-directional mode.

Product Labels and Bar Codes

Logic Tools offers several unique features for producing yard signs and product labels, and makes use of bar codes as an integrated, designed in function.

Yard Signs - Logic Tools contains designed in features to produce yard signs with a single click of the mouse. Descriptive text, pictures, pricing and availability are extracted directly from the data base and always contain the most current information available. No third party products needed.

Product Labels - Logic Tools comes delivered with both tree tags and pot tags pre-designed. These can be printed either in batch mode or as individual tags.
Tags can also be printed along with order acknowledgements or dig sheets, on demand. Several formats are available and additional formats can be easily incorporated.

Bar Codes - One, or multiple bar codes per item can be recorded as a unique identifier during the sales or inventory process. Logic Tools can also create industry standard bar codes for you. Simply tell us your configuration, your sequencing and Logic Tools can generate the code for you.  Because bar coding can be somewhat unique per client we generally work quite closely to ensure that not only bar codes are generated correctly, but are coordinated with your chosen equipment to achieve a seamless and error free process.

Logic Tools  Unique bar code/ID system - As each unique item and size variation is created the software generates it's own unique ID designed specifically for the horticultural business. A unique 5 digit code that can be printed on yard signs, pot tags and tree tags. The use of this code makes a unique, easy to use, fast and error free identification system for both sales entry and yard inventory. This feature is designed to work seamlessly with the tablet apps.


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 Remote Access

Remote access to a networked system can be accomplished in many different ways simply by using readily available, off-the-shelf, technology.

On premise, in the yard, the most logical approach is to make use of rather inexpensive wireless technology. (Be aware of the variance in transmission speeds).  if configured correctly it offers a cost effective, yet secure alternative, not only for your staff, but also offers on-site Internet access for your business partners. As the use of technology unfolds these reps have direct and immediate access to their product availability, a most valuable commodity in this fast paced world.

Off premise, remote access is accomplished using a variety of techniques. The method(s) used depends on the users needs, budget, and available equipment.
At IBS, we advocate the use and continued development of the mobile tablet PC. The tablet format provides a more desirable work surface than the small handheld device and by making use of the public network and readily available VPN technology we can put the full power of Logic Tools in the hands of your entire staff, on-site or off-site.

Purchase History

Logic Tools, by design, contains multiple features and methods to view and evaluate past customer purchases.

Logic Tools provides for:
Query a previous purchase and add that purchase into a new sales order as a return.
Query past sales history as "Who purchased what".
Query past sales history as "What was purchased by who".
Export previous sales history directly into Spreadsheet format.
Query past sales history for trends as month to month or year to year comparisons.

Deliveries & Off Site Work Orders

Logic Tools contains multiple features to assist in customer deliveries and off-site work orders. Inventory that has been sold, paid for and invoiced, but still remains on site waiting for a scheduled delivery can be designated as a "Delayed Delivery". The associated inventory remains in stock but is identified as "Not for Sale" until such time as the actual delivery takes place. A simple mouse click finalizes the delivery process.

Sales orders can be "marked up" with very specific, detailed delivery and installation  instructions and guidelines, that then appear on work orders for the crew.

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Product Labels & Bar Codes
Purchase History
Deliveries & Off Site Work Orders
Design Build Quotations & Work Orders
Repetitive Maintenance Billing
Multi-Loction Capable
POS Controls & Cash Management
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