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We have two main applications for the Tablet PC shown here. We are concentrating on developing tablet apps vs. handheld devices for the sole reason they offer so much more in terms of making information available to the user, but retain the portability of a hand held.
The first is an inventory transaction form and the other is designed to facilitate yard sales. Do you have another tablet application that can add real value to the system? Just let us know and it may very well find it's way into the system, pronto!
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This inventory transaction form is designed specifically for a tablet PC. The image shown was taken from a $150.00, 7 inch, extremely lightweight unit. (Toshiba).
The form is designed to be user friendly and usable by finger touch or with a stylus. Inventory is presented in an easy to read fashion. Columns are spaced appropriately and entry fields are designed for the finger, or with a stylus, even a gloved hand.  Inventory items are accessible by a variety of methods. All of the columns can sorted by simply touching the column title. Bar codes and system generated 5 digit codes can also be used.

abelt Trations
Yard sales can present a multitude of problems. We have solved this problem with a tablet PC. You simply ask the customer for their name, (Any short descriptive entry) and enter the items into their cart. When the customer arrives at the check-out station they are asked for their name. The same list is displayed for verbal verification, a single click and the entries are converted to a sales order, priced correctly, and immediately available to be invoiced.
Quick, simple and accurate.