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Remote access to a networked system can be accomplished in many different ways simply by using readily available, off-the-shelf, technology.

On premise, in the yard, the most logical approach is to make use of rather inexpensive wireless technology. (Be aware of the variance in transmission speeds).  if configured correctly it offers a cost effective, yet secure alternative, not only for your staff, but also offers on-site Internet access for your business partners. As the use of technology unfolds these reps have direct and immediate access to their product availability, a most valuable commodity in this fast paced world.

Off premise, remote access is accomplished using a variety of techniques. The method(s) used depends on the users needs, budget, and available equipment.
At IBS, we advocate the use and continued development of the mobile tablet PC. The tablet format provides a more desirable work surface than the small handheld device and by making use of the public network and readily available VPN technology we can put the full power of Logic Tools in the hands of the on-the-road warriors.

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