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The Item Query form is generally open all day on every computer. It provides  product and stocking information. The top left of the form describes the product. Immediately underneath is pricing information, up to 5 price levels are available. On Hand , in all of it's various locations are displayed below that. Underneath the On Hand grid is the "Expected" arrival information. This grid includes both transfers  and purchase orders. Beginning in the top right is very detailed information about the product in terms easily recognizable by the sales staff. Additionally you can  change sizes/variations that may also be available. Alternatives are availbale with a single click as is customer orders and previous inventory transactions. Up to 4 pictures may be associated to any item.
Inventory Query
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Customer Query
The Customer query form provides the financial status of each customer. The top left of the form provides the customer name and their mailing address. The top right of the form provides an overview of the account, complete with an aging breakdown and account balances.
The lower half of the form is divided into two parts. The left grid contains all of the invoices written for the customer and the right grid all of the payments received from the customer. You can generalte a PDF document of the original invoice from this form and can easily see how each payment was applied
POS Form
The main sales entry form. This is designed to accomadate retail, over the counter, wholesale and landscape design/build business models. All can be processed within the same system. A single click "Cash Sale" button is provided as well as up to 8 fast moving items in the right panel. A single click loads the item into the selection bar. All forms of payment are accounted for, including internet based credit card processing. Signature capture devices and credit card swipe devices can also be used. The system can produce quotations, orders for delayed delivery and immediate invoices. The entire system is password protected.
The inventory transaction form (stock adjustments) is designed for speed. accuracy and ease of use. The grid on the left can be positioned, or sorted, by any column, thus sequencing the contents in the same sequence as they are being entered The user need only click an item and enter the adjustment quanity. Point to the next item and repeat. This form is also available as a wireless tablet application that can be used directly in the sales yard or in the field. Any change made shows up immediately at the sales counter.
Inventory Transactions