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Production Planning

Logic Tools contains a fully integrated production planning system. Easy to use and logically presented, the system can be used to simplify materials acquisition or produce complex work orders for every phase of the growing process.
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The production planning process consists of creating a master plan for every item produced that can be used for contract orders or for stock, over and over again. Simply tell the system how many you need and the date required. Any number of production runs can be in process at any given point in time. Each production plan can be easily identified within the sales group, and even isolated to prevent unauthorized sales.

Master plans can be built and easily copied where minimal changes are required.

Production schedules, or production runs, are based off the master plan but can be easily modified to meet specific requirements on the fly. Once the master plan is created a production run can literally be initiated within seconds.

Purchasing for production is made fast, easy and accurate. Staff requirements can also be calculated based on the hours required for each process.

Historical production runs can be recalled and examined at any time. Complete with production notes.