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Logic Tools was designed to acheive certain objectives from the ground up. Reduce  operating costs by reducing the need for administrative involvement, reduce staff requirements by simplifying everyday business functions, distribute all common business functions to the first person in contact with the customer, increase and maintain margins at every price level, and to enhance the customer experience by providing immediate and accurate information on first contact.
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Deliveries & Off Site Work Orders
Logic Tools contains multiple features to assist in customer deliveries and off-site work orders. Inventory that has been sold, paid for and invoiced, but still remains on site waiting for a scheduled delivery can be designated as a "Delayed Delivery". The associated inventory remains in stock but is identified as "Not for Sale" until such time as the actual delivery takes place. A simple mouse click finalizes the delivery process.

Sales orders can be "marked up" with very specific, detailed delivery and installation  instructions and guidelines, that then appear on work orders for the crew.

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Fully Integrated - Every aspect of Logic Tools is integrated with all business functions found in the system. Whenever a transaction takes place, and that transaction has an impact on another logical component, that process automatically takes place. As an example, if a vendor invoice is entered, all of the financial distributions are automatically generated and posted to the ledger. No user intervention required. If a purchase order is created the results are automatically displayed for the sales staff. The design is not modularized and cannot be broken apart, although the user may not opt to use every function. There is no typical end-of-day, or posting process even though the system can produce all of the typical end-of-day reports. However the suite is capable of interfacing with external General Ledger products, if required.
Operating Costs - Logic Tools was designed to reduce the number of staff required to generate and maintain the forecasted sales volume and at the same time enhance the customers perception of the service provided. Both desktop and tablet apps have been developed to move customers thru the sales process faster and with a higher degree of accuracy and satisfaction. This allows the same sales force to handle significantly more customers on a daily basis.
Profitability - Logic Tools was designed to provide the tools necessary not only to look at profitability after the fact, but before and during the peak selling seasons.
Acheiving and maintaining margins, at every price level, is the starting point to determine gross profit. Setting budget targets the second, and third monitoring the progress toward acheiving these targets berfore it is too late.

Administrative costs - Costs associated with accounting functions, product ordering, product pricing, inventory management, appointment scheduling, and customer follow ups have all been directly addressed in Logic tools. Many of these functions can now be executed directly from the sales counter, even during off peak hours, we've eliminated the need for call backs with accurate and easily accessible information and processes.
The objective here is to provide the first contact with the tools necessary to solve the problem and satisfy the customer on first contact. Additionally, many normal backroom operations  can be performed directly at the sales counter with minimal training and oversight.
Usability & Functionality - One of the prime design objectives was to not only include all of the functionality required of this business segment, but to provide it in such a manner as to be both logical, accessible, easily understood and usable. It is designed to distribute common and everyday business functions to the point of occurance to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, fewer call backs, shorter to-do lists and fewer mistakes.
Security - We employ 3 levels of security. Database security, Program Access Security, and credit card encryption technology. The Microsoft SQL server can be configured with enterprise level security. The program suite allows the user to easily allow, or disable, program features on a per user basis. Credit card information stored within the database is encrypted with 128 bit encryption technology. Even if the database is stolen credit card information is not easily deciphered. Remote access security can be implemented thru a combination of router configurations and the remote access software employed.

Technology - Logic Tools was developed using the latest technology available. It was created using the Microsoft Visual Studio Suite with C# as the main programming language and Microsoft SQL server as the primary database management system. Logic Tools runs equally well on most versions of Windows, From XP to Windows 10, both 32 and 64 bit versions. Common, retail oriented hardware such as bar code scanners, credit card readers, signature capture device, etc. are easily incorporated into the installation.
Adaptability - Logic tools was designed from the ground up to incorporate unique, individualized requirements on a per client basis. It is very common that we add unique product labels, customized yard signage or unique pricing algorithms to the suite just to satisfy the needs of a new client. We encourage new ideas and new solutions and excel at incorporating these enhancements into the production system.
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