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The absolute latest in field inventory management. We've field tested the device and it works great. A huge savings in the time required to get an accurate count. Fits the arm much like a metal detector, no fatigue.

Now we've taken it to the next level. We've incorporated the code necessary to input the output of the InstaCaliber device directly into Logic Tools, It automatically sets the inventory counts to exactly what's in the field. Another step forward in reducing man hours and increasing accuracy.
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Multi-Location Capable

Logic Tools was designed to support a multi-location operation. Those locations can be selling locations, growing locations, warehousing locations or any combination thereof.
The user is responsible for providing the appropriate communication capabilities required of multi-location operation. Once the communication infrastructure is in place and the growing, storing and selling locations are defined the remainder of the features required are activated automatically. This includes a comprehensive inventory transfer system to manage  both the needs and movement of materials in a bi-directional mode.

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